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Other Filing Services

  1. My corporation or LLC is incorporated in one State, but I want to qualify it to do business in another State.  How do I do that? 
    The process of qualifying to do business in another State is often referred to as qualifying as a foreign corporation in that State.  For example, a corporation incorporated in Nevada, yet doing business in California likely will be required to qualify as a foreign corporation in California.  Each State has its own rules for qualifying foreign entities, but usually it involves filing a simple document with the State, paying a filing fee and, in some States, including a copy or an original of the entity’s Articles of Incorporation, Certificate of Incorporation or LLC Articles of Formation.  The filing fee typically is the same fee that would be charged if a new entity were incorporated in that state.  At A and A Companies, we can assist you in qualifying to do business in any State. 

  2. When is a company required to qualify to do business in a particular State? 
    The requirements vary State-by-State but, typically, if an entity is earning revenue in a particular State, owns property in a State or has employees located in a State, then it would be required to qualify as a foreign entity in that State. 

  3. What happens if my company should be qualified in a particular State but it’s not? 
    The consequences of failing to comply with the qualification requirements vary from State-to-State.  Typically, however, it may result in the inability to enforce contracts in that State and/or the inability to bring lawsuits or otherwise access the courts in that State. 

  4. How can I obtain a certified copy of a corporation’s Articles of Incorporation, an LLC’s Certificate of Organization or a Certificate of Limited Partnership? 
    Thee documents are available from the Secretary of State in which the corporation, LLC or limited partnership was incorporated.  At A and A Companies, we can help you obtain certified copies of these documents on either a regular or a rush basis. 

  5. How do I dissolve my corporation or LLC? 
    The requirements for dissolving an entity vary from State-to-State. Typically, however, an entity is dissolved by filing a Certificate of Dissolution or similar document with the Secretary of State of the State in which the entity was incorporated and paying a filing fee.  At A and A Companies, we have significant experience dissolving entities in all States.