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  1. What are the benefits of incorporating my business? 
    There can be many benefits to incorporating a business, including insulating your personal assets from creditors of the business, tax savings and advantageous retirement benefits.

  2. What are the differences between a corporation and an LLC? 
    Both corporations and LLC’s provide liability protection for their owners, although an LLC does not have to follow the corporate formalities required of corporations.  Income of an LLC can be taxed only once at the owner level as opposed to at both the entity level and the owner level. Although the same is true for a corporation if it has made a Subchapter S election, there are limitations on who can own a Subchapter S corporation that do not exist for LLC’s.

  3. Can 1 person be the sole owner, officer and director of a corporation or an LLC?
    Yes, one person can incorporate a business, own all of the shares (if a corporation) or membership interests (if an LLC), be the sole director (if a corporation) or the sole manager (if an LLC) and hold all offices (whether a corporation or an LLC).

  4. What is a registered agent? 
    A registered agent is the person or entity to which State agencies send all official correspondence for a company and is the person or entity that is served with any lawsuits that might be filed against the company. All corporations, LLC’s and limited partnerships must have a registered agent in the State in which they incorporate.

  5. In which State should I incorporate my business?
    The State in which you should incorporate will depend on many factors, including where you will be doing business, what type of business you will be conducting, where your customers are located, tax considerations, privacy concerns, etc.  Most of our customers elect to incorporate in the State in which they reside and will be doing business. Other customers elect to incorporate in Delaware or Nevada.  These States often are viewed as good choices for incorporation due to favorable tax treatment, privacy protection and pro-business laws.  If you are uncertain regarding the State in which you should incorporate, you should consult an attorney who can advise you with respect to this decision.


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